RFD is Celerating 75 years

of treating people — not just teeth.

In 1949 Reed Family Dentistry set out to provide the community with more than just good dental health, we wanted to be a part of the family. For 75 years and 3 generations of doctors — we have done just that — so it only seems right to have you to be a part!

Our Story

Join us on a journey spanning 75 years of Reed Family Dentistry. This video isn’t just a showcase of our practice; it’s a testament to our commitment to our community and the relationships we’ve built over generations. Discover the story behind our legacy, our values, and our dedication to providing exceptional dental care. Watch as we unveil the heart and soul of Reed Family Dentistry, inviting you to become a part of our extended family and experience the difference firsthand.

Our Dentists

Dr. E. Lloyd Reed

Dr. E. Lloyd Reed
43 years

Reed graduated from the University of Tennessee Dental School.  Raised outside of Lexington, TN in the era of the Great Depression, Dr. Loyd brought his principles of honesty, integrity, hard work ethic, and Commitment to excellence to the small community of Millington, TN and became the first ever dentist!

Now, 75 years later, what Dr. Loyd started and developed over 43 years of dentistry, has expanded into one of the top 5 percent of dental practices in the USA.  His son, Dr. Kevin Reed, and his grandson, Dr. Taylor Reed, are working together now at RFD to further expand and continue Dr. Loyd’s vision of 1949.  

Dr. Kevin Reed

Dr. Kevin Reed
42 years

For me, what makes RFD special is our unique culture-for 75 years, starting with my dad in 1949 and continuing with me and now Dr. Taylor, we have consistently lived out of our culture based on these things: Truthfulness in all matters, Excellence in Dental Care in all areas, and Passion for good relationships with all people: the Team, the patients, the community. Living out this culture every day helps us make a difference in the lives of all people we encounter and adds deep meaning to our lives.

Dr. Taylor Reed

Dr. Taylor Reed
7 years

In 2017, I was excited to join the Reed Family Dentistry team, and now I’m proud to carry forward its legacy! As we move forward, we will remain committed to two things: a passion for people and a dedication to clinical excellence. We will prioritize a relationship-driven environment with our team, our patients, and our community. And we will continue to pursue excellence in our work through the latest technology, techniques, and education. Here’s to many more years ahead!